Yump poses a real solution to the need for continuous and lasting personal transformation and improvement of the human being. Through a 100% mobile application (App), a fully customized experience is generated, with which the user is able to raise their levels of motivation and their ability to achieve personal or professional goals. The repeated use of this platform has proven to be able to modify habits and behaviors, creating stable changes and maintained over time.

In short, Yump is a real revolution in the world of personal development. Through its neuroscientific-based methodology and based on repeated personalized audio impacts, the user is able to modify their behavior patterns and really take control of their lives.

If we analyse the products that exist today in the world of personal development, they are generally boring, require too much effort or are complex to access and require a lot of time or money.

Human beings have an unmet need to improve and achieve objectives but have not yet found a product that really helps them to do that. That is why Yump commissioned a worldwide survey across three continents (America, Europe and Asia), run by the company Nielsen – a world leader in market research.

The most significant results of the survey revealed that people want to improve their lives in all of the main aspects:

  • Physical (87,5 %)
  • Financial (91,9 %)
  • Family (77,8 %)
  • Professional (77,5 %)
  • Emotional (62,8%)
Among the most important characteristics of the ideal motivational system, those surveyed mentioned:

In addition to numerous internal tests, two experimental studies were conducted through the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid to test the effectiveness of the platform developed by Yump. The two studies were carried out with 200 and 400 people respectively.

The studies saw extraordinary results in terms of motivation and goal achievement:

  • After a complete experience of several weeks with the Yump Platform, the number of students with very good and excellent grades, increased by 100%, compared to the control (placebo) group.

*Studies scientifically validated by the sample size. Confidence index: 95%

Scientific validation

The mobile application developed by YUMP has been tested externally through the collaboration agreement signed with the UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid) and with the University of Pennsylvania, one of the most prestigious in the world in the area of ​​Psychology.

Below we can see some of the most relevant results:


Expert Committee

Yump has a top level Expert Committee that not only provides the scientific bases that the project requires, but helps to develop current and future programmes both for business and individuals, with a special emphasis on acquiring habits for a healthier, more balanced life.

The professional level of the members of the Expert Committee is one of excellence in every area that they represent: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology, Mindfulness, Coaching, Addiction, Psychiatry, Endocrinology/Nutrition/Obesity, Diabetes, etc.

Dr. Mario Alonso Puig
Doctor, General Surgeon and Digestive System Surgeon, Professor and Lecturer
D. Gustavo Bertolotto
Specialist in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Dña. Techu Arranz
Specialist in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
D. Gustavo Diex
Mindfulness Expert
Dña. Ana Arrabé
Mindfulness Expert
Dra. Marian Rojas
Psychiatric Doctor, Spanish Institute for Psychiatric Research
Dra. Marta Toro
Doctor of Biological Sciences, author and composer, lecturer, specialist in attention therapy in children and adults
D. José Manuel Sainz Quintana
Addiction Specialist
Dra. Irina Matveikova
Clinical Endocrinology and Nutrition, Family Medicine, Holistic Medicine
Dña. María Talavera
Wellbeing Expert
Dra. Raquel Rodríguez-Carvajal
Doctor of Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Professor in the Department of Biological Psychology and Health
Dña. Carmen García de Leaniz
Director of emotional education projects

Partners and associations

Research and collaboration agreement between Yump and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)
Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital


“Project co-financed by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, within the national plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2013-2016. Strategic Action of Economy and Digital Society 2015 “.

Online tool with a neuroscientific basis for the motivation of chronic patients

Objective: The main objective of the project is to develop an online tool that promotes users with chronic diseases -and in particular those with overweight and obesity-, a change in long-term habits, thus facilitating long-term compliance with their goals. .

Result: The project was completed very successfully in December 2017.

The final product met expectations, not only in terms of subjective perception, engagement and general user experience with the tool, but also its results at a scientific level and, therefore, absolutely objective (at the level of motivation, perseverance, or performance in values ​​and personal goals), have been validated scientifically in various investigations.

These results have been subsequently presented at several international congresses of Clinical Psychology and Positive Psychology (Angers, Santander).

File number:: TSI-100700-2015-50

International Society for Performance Improvement