Recent studies show that less than 10% of people achieve their goals. This is not due to rational factors but rather to unconscious emotional factors that completely condition our behavior: negativity, laziness, fear or lack of confidence. Yump has programs specifically designed to help overcome these barriers and clear the way towards achieving one’s goal.
  • Healthy lifestyles : fitness , weight loss and nutrition
  • Chronic diseases: obesity , diabetes and hypertension
  • Academic Performance improvement and development of values
  • Professional goals: Employability and Entrepreneurship
  • Improvement of commercial attitude result-oriented
  • Leadership development and team management


Until now, the Internet has not offered an effective response for achieving our goals. For this, Yump poses a neuroscientific solution that is a veritable revolution in behavioral science and will open up new horizons in the world of personal development based on three characteristics:
Audiovisual impact and repetition as a basis for changing habits and mental behavioural patterns
A personalised experience for each user that is adapted to their profile and development
Playing as a basic element in learning and personal transformation


“”I was very pleasantly surprised. It has made me think about my possibilities, my strengths, and take a look inside myself… It’s calmed me and encouraged me to face the day with more energy, spirit and enthusiasm. It has given me strength.”Commercial Agent
“I didn’t even notice that there was temptation, not even if was attacking me. I had my shield up ever since I got up.
That shield of joy, emotion, positive energy…”
Clinic Patient
“The program is not only easy to use, but also really motivates people to go out and achieve their goals. I am very grateful to know about it and know how to use it. It is a great source of motivation.”Student
“I loved it. I always did it first thing in the day. It helped me remember my goals in life. I feel like it helped me a lot. I thought a lot about things I never stopped to think about before. I would love to do it every morning of my life.”Commercial Agent