What is Yump?

Yump represents a veritable revolution in the world of personal development and changing habits.

Using a neuroscientific method based on personalized audiovisual impacts, users can improve and maintain an emotional state that predisposes them to action.

This continuous action enables them to achieve their goals and take control of their lives.

The word “Yump” comes from the word “jump” but adds a sense of determination and momentum in order to end non-conformity, take on risks and overcome the fears that stop us from living fully.

Yump also implies a deep desire for personal growth and transformation, a true metamorphosis (hence the frog symbol), eliciting the best of ourselves to reach our full potential.


To give people the power to fulfil their dreams and become drivers of change.


To become a frontrunner in the personal development industry by creating an authentic science of motivation and continuous improvement.

Yump Foundation

The Yump Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation established in the US) is a vehicle that was created to support the personal development of those groups that define a country’s progress and future: children, young people, teachers and small business owners. In principle, its focus is on disadvantaged regions and countries that technology and the Yump Platform have not yet reached.

The foundation aspires to become an example and paradigm of a new corporate culture and ethic and a representative percentage of the company’s revenues will be directed towards financing these kinds of projects.

The first action the foundation took involved complete financing of the editing and free distribution of 7,000 copies of the book “The Little Prince” in Dari, a language spoken in Afghanistan. It was distributed free of charge by the Spanish army to schools and public libraries in Kabul.