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What is Yump


The term “Yump” comes from the word “Jump” (jump), but also adds a sense of determination and impulse, essential to overcome the fear, laziness and temptations that prevent us from achieving our goals and live fully.

Yump also implies a deep desire for improvement and personal growth, extracting the best of ourselves in order to reach our full potential

  • Augmented Reality App, linked to the user’s real life, to their behaviors when and where they need them
  • Maximum adaptation through personal elements incorporated in the game: phrases, images and audios
  • Need to join maximum effectiveness and high levels of engagement: Fusion of Science and Game
An unresolved problem ...

90% of people confess not to achieve their goals due to unconscious behaviors, very difficult to modify: laziness, insecurities, lack of focus, abandonment …
People are not able to modify their habits, so they do not get improvements in a sustained manner over time

The YUMP solution

Yump poses a revolutionary solution, based on personalized audiovisual impacts, which act at the neuronal level
Methodology validated scientifically, improving the motivation and the ability to create positive habits both in the personal, as in the professional


Give people the power to realize their dreams and become drivers of change


Become a reference in the Personal Development industry, through the creation of an authentic science of motivation and continuous improvement